• Overworked but under inspired?
    Successful but stuck?

    Raring to go but lack vitality?

    2017 is THE year to live your life in FULL colour!!!


    Do you live for weekends? Do you have a burning desire to uncover meaning and vitality in your life? Do you want to feel better more often?


    If so, join our three-hour transformational workshop so that I can introduce you to a framework that worked for me - and is transforming the lives and careers of hundreds.

  • What People Are Saying

    Jule - Product Strategist


    I dithered about for years and almost gave up. The method was the real catalyst. I’ve made a huge shift in mindset from being anxious and fearful to being grateful and optimistic. I'm razor focused on what I want, my health has improved and I feel massive psychological benefits to having my beliefs, interests and work aligned.

    Jen - Advertising Director


    I love how this method considers you as a whole person - your mental, emotional, physical states - to help ensure each of those areas are in optimal condition to support you to move through the changes you want.

    Anna - Teacher


    This method helped me see what I really need to focus on in my life so I can be fulfilled and happy. It confirms the values, principles, dreams and visions I live for so I can express myself fully.

    Triin - Psychotherapist


    This method helped me recognise my own blocks and how I create excuses to stop myself from moving forward. Following this model will definitely lead people to succeed in life.

    Alicia - Account Executive


    In removing things from my life, I was able to really look at the belief that sat behind these negative aspects, and realise that I had some really toxic belief systems that were holding me back. I was able to make space and time to enjoy the good that was unfolding in my life.

    Lindsay - Human Resources


    The no bullsh*t method and framework provided the structure I needed to make big changes in my life. The hidden surprise was a group of similarly minded people going through the same thing. This support was invaluable to making the changes stick.

  • Meet Your Facilitators

  • Bella Zanesco

    Bella a Life and Career Change Strategist. She works with established professionals and corporations like AMP and CBA to support high performers to become happier, healthier and less stressed.

    Her world first study comparing the wellbeing of career women in major cities including London, New York and Sydney has been cited by opinion leaders as 'transformational' for women's health.


    Prior to her career change, Bella spent 15 years in Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Strategy for some of the world's largest companies, including PepsiCo and Nestle, delivering over $5billion in new revenues mostly in the health and wellbeing space in London, New York, Sydney and Asia.


    In 2015 she was named Top 50 Change-maker by the City of London (a feat considering she's Australian) for her work supporting women to get what she calls 'Fully Expressed'. In 2014 after spending a year banishing depression from her life she became a World Champion in her first love, sailing. She is a previous recipient of 'Best Pitch' at Tedx Sydney.


    Her forthcoming book Fully Expressed Woman will be published in 2017.

    Alexis Garnaut Miller

    Alexis is an Executive Performance Coach and the Founder of the Happiness Centre.

    Alexis' expertise is helping develop healthy, high-performing employees. The kind of employees and managers who understand that efficient, effective outputs and outcomes are more relevant than hours at work. From teams right up to executive coaching and counselling at VP, MD and CEO level.


    When individuals and teams are supported to flourish, then business will flourish. But human beings often need assistance to adapt their goals, skills, attitudes and behaviours to match new conditions. Companies demanding increased quantity and quality of output, from less employees, need training, coaching, mentoring and wellbeing.


    Her individual and team clients include Google, Yahoo, Net-A-Porter, Diageo, Endemol, BBC, Marks & Spencer, Hilton Hotels, EMI Music, Universal Music, Manpower, UBS, PWC and Barclays Capital. She wholeheartedly enjoys supporting the human beings that make these companies tick.


    Alexis is a mama to Evie Gracie! After 15 years living across the pond in the U.K. she is back and reuniting with Bella to bring My12for12 to Australia!

  • Introducing the My12for12 Workshop Experience

    12 Aspirations: 12 Months -
    Ditch The Sh*t To Amplify The Epic!

    Check out our video for a taster!

    By joining the My12for12 Workshop Experience you'll get the frameworks and tools you need to shift from feeling okay to feeling alive and full of energy.


    If I am on the planet for a purpose it is, to help women like you feel fulfilled, healthier and happier.It deeply saddens me that over 50% of women feel bad more often than they feel good. Having hauled my sorry ass out of depression, burnout and lifestyle diseases without drugs I realised there was no other choice but to share what I've learned with you.


    With this in mind, I've dedicated the last four years to working with experts across the globe from Psychologists, Naturopaths, Adventurers, Career Change Experts, Yoga, Meditation and Dance Teachers to pioneer a step-by-step methodology that will help you make immediate and HOLISTIC lifestyle changes that will help you feel happier, healthier and less stressed.


    I will give you personalised awareness of the specific areas that are stopping you from feeling better more often. I will reveal the holistic framework to show you how small changes to your daily routine and lifestyle will help you feel better more often. And exactly how I rolled out the Welcome Mat to my future self to become a woman who has more energy, vitality and is a radiant magnet.


    If you follow the My12for12 method in 2017 you will:

    • Be less stressed and invite in more calm 
    • Reduce lifestyle disease symptoms to feel more vital
    • Experience less angst and confusion and more clarity for the future

    Use the My12for12 Method to help you uncover what you need to do to feel your best so you feel in control of your future. Use it to become aware of and create a plan for your very own 12 Aspirations so your 2017 goals have real context and meaning.


    Our goal is to support you with a personalised plan

    to AMPLIFY your EPIC in 2017 so you can get Fully Expressed!

  • After fifteen years on the treadmill, believing all the lies I was told about how to be successful, I was burnt out, deeply depressed and alone.


    The universe dealt me a card I couldn't ignore. Dumped, homeless, jobless and 'dogless' (is that even a word). In one moment at 36 years old that was my reality after years of self-limiting decisions. Everything I believed true about my life and what was planned for it, including a family, was totally shattered. A seemingly successful career woman and elite athlete now curled up in the fetal position in my mother's arms sobbing, 'How did I end up like this?'.

    I found a way to repair myself, using the very framework I will share with you at the My12for12 Workshop Experience. I'll share my story, highlighting what it took to go from:

    • The fetal position to become a world champion
    • Lost and confused about my career to absolute clarity and a flourishing practice 
    • Severe anxiety, depression, and IBS to calm, balanced and disease-free
    • A lifestyle dependent on turning up to an office to now working at the nearest kiteboarding beach

    Women come to me feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, confused and lacking inspiration. And I've seen these same women after following the framework start businesses, banish lifestyle diseases, attract a life partner and take back control of their lives.

    I also want that for you.

  • Do you feel stuck and confused but yearn for clarity?

    Do you start your day less than your best?

    Do you end it feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed?

    Do you want to feel better more often?

    You are not alone...

    Over 60% of career women experience confusion, angst, and stress. We're taught to walk through life masking the discontent. This way of living robs us of our joy, vitality and self-expression and is harmful for our health and longevity.


    Why, at a time when we've never had it so good, are a majority of us feeling disillusioned, anxious and stuck?


    Why is depression going to be the number one disease by 2020?


    I became curious when faced with these questions. I yearned to uncover the root causes as to why career women end up confused, anxious and stressed. To support my own hypotheses and healing journey, I began an ambitious research project with 2,000 women (so far), to understand the triggers as to why the majority of highly successful women feel bad more often than they feel good.


    During the My12for12 Workshop Experience we will:

    • Reveal why what you digest with your eyes correlates to your digestive health
    • Share the science behind why your gut microbiome holds the key to your future vitality
    • Dispel the myth that depression, anxiety, and stress aren't always caused by chemical imbalances in your brain
    • Reveal the number one reason why women stay stuck in a life that lacks meaning

    The truth is out there. Our role is to decode all the complex science and research with a simple framework personalised to you. We're here so that you can get into action with lifestyle changes to help you feel better more often in 2017.

    You can change. Many others have. We can support you.

  • Don't wait another 12 months to roll out the Welcome Mat to your Fully Expressed Self.
    She is waiting for you.

    Let us help you kick-start this journey in person in Sydney
    on January 17th from 6-9pm.

  • “Your results are inspiring, and I love the sound of the workshop, but I’m still not sure if this is right for me. Help me?!”


    I know you’ve likely spent money on yoga classes, a therapist, and a retreat or two to find balance. But without a specific framework that identifies what you need to make a splash in 2017, you could be spending your money on things that don't truly help you feel better more often.

    We respect that you are a busy working woman. We are here to avoid you wasting money on stuff that isn't pragmatic and immediately implementable. This is why we are going to give you specific action steps you can take to feel better more often so you can focus on achieving your goals. These are the exact steps that I took to banish depression without drugs and change my career and that we have used for hundreds of clients in Australia, Europe and the U.K.


    When you become aware and decide to make change, you become responsible for unleashing your Fully Expressed future self.


    Responsibility is inviting your Fully Expressed future self inside to be loved and nurtured. Responsibility is paving the way through your choices for other women to feel better more often.

    Ask yourself: What is it worth to me to have clarity, focus and knowing the exact action steps to take to feel better more often? How much would I invest to lay out a Welcome Mat for my Fully Expressed future self?


    Finally, am I ready to say yes to a life where I feel better more often in 2017?


    If the answer is yes, by joining the My12for12 Experience, we will relieve a lot of the financial strain you'd expect when you take a course with us.


    That said, this experience is not for you if you're sitting on the fence or not ready to invest in your future self.


    If you are ready, take the opportunity now to sign up. This will be the only way to work with us in 2017.


    We look forward to supporting you at the workshop.

    Bella and Alexis

  • Join the My12for12 Experience Today

    It's time to get Fully Expressed!

    As a My12for12 Sydney participant you will receive:

    • Your very own personalised Life Audit with your 'Wheel of Truth' highlighting immediate areas of opportunity to help you feel better more often
    • Our proven framework to unlock your VISION and VALUES
    • The opportunity to create 12 Aspirations that lay out the Welcome Mat for your future self supported by the My12for12 coaching team
    • A workbook with tips and tools to make immediate change in your life
    • A community of other like-minded people

    Our Money Back Guarantee

    It is our intention that after attending the My12for12 Experience you will be aware of the top things you need to do to move forward with confidence and clarity in 2017. However, we are realistic. We appreciate you may not be able to commit to making the changes that we recommend. So if you don't think you're ready to welcome your Fully Expressed future self right now the My12for12 Experience isn't for you... Yet.


    Ready to commit to your 12 Aspirations and lay out the Welcome Mat to invite your Fully Expressed future self inside? Then let us personally assure you: If our Workshop doesn't give you benefit you can and will get a full refund.


    You see our experience, the framework and tools will work for almost anyone. But we totally get there are people with needs outside the scope of what this workshop will cover.


    So let's agree, you join us, commit and show up with your money, time and energy. And if the benefits are not there for you, we will personally go over your plan for 2017 and if there's no way to help you you'll get your money back. We guarantee it.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the My12for12 Experience being held?

    There is one date:

    January 17th, 2017

    Where is the My12for12 Experience being held?

    Hub Sydney. It's at 101-110 William Street Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010. Nearest station is Kings Cross and Museum Stations.

    Will the My12for12 Experience happen again in 2017?

    No. This is your only opportunity to work with us in 2017.

    Do I need to do any pre-work?

    At least five minutes, yes. You will need to bring along your Life Audit results. Full details of how to access the Life Audit Questionnaire will be provided upon registration.

    Will I get personalised attention?

    Yes, if you ask us you sure will.

    Do you have a charity partner?

    Yes. $10 from every ticket sold will go to Shining Hope for Communities, a school for girls in Kibera Slum, Kenya.

    Will I have the opportunity to network?

    Yes. During the activities you will have the opportunity to collaborate with others. 30 minutes is available for registration and mingling.

    Is my ticket refundable if I can't make it at the last minute?

    Refunds will be considered upon request.

    Can I bring a friend?

    We recommend attending My12for12 Experience with a close friend, so that you can support each other going forward.

    Can I bring my partner?

    Both sexes are welcome. We may talk periods and the blokes might learn something!

    I am a man in need of inspiration. Will this workshop be relevant to me?

    Absolutely, 50% of our attendees are male. You never know who you might meet.

    I do not live in Sydney/Australia or the Southern Hemisphere? Will these workshops be available elsewhere or online?

    Each year we choose a city based on demands of our tribe. Last year it was London and the Year before it was Zurich. So next year might be...? Email us if you'd like to bring the My12for12 experience to your city. If you live in Australia, you want to visit Sydney for a few days right? It will be worth your while to do so!

    My12for12 is a fully immersive in-person experience. There has never been a more important time for people to come together to connect and share in person.